My Christmas Challenge

December 16, 2007

At some point in the last month or so, I decided I’m giving gift baskets full of crafty goodness for Christmas.  My sister and I made favors for a cousin’s baby shower back in September with melt and pour soaps in baby shapes and lotion.  To say we have leftovers is an understatement. 

So there are some lucky people getting lovely gift baskets filled with soap, lotion, bath salts, etc.

If that isn’t enough, I decided to make my aunt a Clapotis.  She keeps admiring mine, so I thought I make her one.  Then I had a dream that my cousin wanted a scarf too.  So armed with her favorite colors, and her mom’s, I decided to challenge myself.

 4 different gift baskets

3 different scarves

4 cakes

All in one week

It helps that I have the entire week off work, and we are in the middle of a snow storm.  I don’t have a reason to leave the house for a while.

Wish me luck!


The Tater Top!

December 9, 2007

So, I made a hat for my niece Taytum (hence the name Tater Top) that I was really proud of.  It was only the second hat I’ve ever made and I completely winged the pattern.  I knit it in the round using Roman Stitch out of Barbara Walker’s “A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.  To top it off I used Helen’s Lace Lion and Lamb in Black Purl.

(side note: this may be the softest yarn I’ve ever knit with)

 Anyway….I gave the hat to my sister. The baby wore it for a week or two, when the babysitter decided to wash it.  Let’s just say my happy, cuddly soft little hat turned into a matted felted mess that doesn’t fit!

After an hour or so, I stopped crying and got to work on a new hat.

I made the same hat a little smaller to fit better, added garter stitch ear flaps with i-cord ties.  And finally, we held the baby down to take a picture.

 Taytum in her hat and mittens

Here’s a pic of the hat by itself.

The Tater Top

I made mittens to go with it.  Their based on the pattern  Wittle Itty Bitty Baby Mitties . 

Here’s a pic.  The i-cords are for attaching to the inside of her coat.  They can be removed for washing or to be attached to another coat.


Hello world!

June 24, 2007

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